11 Important Years in the New York Gambling Legislation Timeline

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Although New York offers every form of entertainment you can think of, the legislation has been strict when it comes to gambling. Which are the most important years in New York’s gambling laws timeline?

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Gambling is banned in the state of New York for the first time.


Even lotteries and raffles are prohibited in the state.


As in many other North-American states, all forms of gambling are banned in New York. There was a widespread anti-gambling movement going on in the country.


Pari-mutuel betting, a system of gambling that is based on a money pool, is legalized.


Bingo games are legalized in the state for charitable purposes.


An intrastate gambling form, known as the New York State Lottery, is created and legalized.


In order to regulate and oversee the horseracing tracks in New York, an organization called the State Racing and Wagering Board is formed.


A bill passes to allow Native American casinos in the state of New York, with the very first one opening right in the same year. Following the legislation, Native American-administered casinos grew rapidly in number across the state.


In a dark twist, federal law determines that all online gambling sites operated from New York must be banned and closed. From that point forward, new ones are prevented from opening.


Commercial casinos endorsed by the state are legalized in an effort to develop the area of Upstate New York.


Procedures are under way to allow sports betting at the state’s commercial casinos. New sports betting options for the future are also being discussed.

A new era of gambling in New York may or may not be inaugurated this year.

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